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It doesn’t matter if you’re buying one square foot or a thousand, we treat each and every customer with equal time and respect. Commercial roofing contractors keep abreast of the advances in commercial roofing technology and are knowledgeable on the best roofing solution based on the needs of the project. Fans of more traditional profiles can opt for a metal shingle manufactured to resemble wood shakes, slate or clay tiles, or any other number of designs instead. Our brand is known to take on some of the biggest jobs including projects like the Northpointe Village which was a 143,000 square foot project. Barrie Roofing ’ve also taken on projects like completing the Planet Fitness roof, La Villa Apartments and many more. If you are looking for exterior services on a residential or commercial property then contact All Seasons Roofing today.
Vapor-permeable products are available so that moisture doesn’t get trapped below the surface of the new roof coating. Fully adhered membraneshave a higher cost, but are less prone to damage and leaks. Generally, the insulation or roofing board is mechanically fastened to the structure and then the roof membrane is adhered to create a full assembly that resists uplift. Fully adhered membranes can also be installed directly to concrete or wood substrates. The products have also been available for a few decades and are considered to be very reliable roofs when installed properly. LikeBUR roofs, modified bitumen is installed in multiple layers (usually two-ply or three-ply) to ensure watertightness.
Their workmanship and integrity was of the highest quality and the job site was cleaned to a very high standard at the end of each work day. There was a large crew on the property all of whom were polite and courteous to our tenants. You will be given brochures and samples so that you have a precise understanding of what you are buying and how it will be installed. We determine the type of roof deck, existing insulation, and roofing membrane.
Our high-quality, pre-painted metal roofing affords an attractive life cycle cost as they will not crack, shrink, or erode. This makes them a long-lasting alternative to many conventional roofing materials. My own insurance company did/would not fully explain how it worked.
EPDM roofing employs a material that has a fantastic ability to resist the constant bombardment of ultraviolet light and all the sun’s damaging rays. One of the most popular commercial roofing materials in current use, EPDM rubber roofing is doubly desirable because it combines low cost with resilient strength. An EPDM roofing membrane is a type of synthetic rubber composed of natural gas and oil. EPDM roofing material is used in low-slope commercial buildings all over the world. Materials preferred by many building owners because it resists peeling, cracking and other types of weathering.
California-based DECRA Metal Roofing Systems is one of them. The company presses its 26-gauge steel into five different shapes, including several tile profiles, explained Trevor Underwood, a DECRA spokesman. Harvego says concrete tiles are similar in price to clay tiles. They hold up well and can often cost in the neighborhood of $30,000, for an average-sized roof, in the range of a clay tile. But there are many more lower-priced options that are fueling the popularity. Whether it’s standing seam or custom copper work, we do it all!